Monday, April 11, 2016

Black Pants, The Basis for a Uniform

Do you wear a uniform?

Since my life is much more relaxed since retiring, I find that I am drawn to much more relaxed and comfortable clothing.  That doesn't mean I want to look sloppy - but it does mean that I have paired down my closets and am relying on some of the basics I find comfortable and yet versatile.
Hence, the uniform idea. 

I thought it would be fun to start with my favorite pair of black stretch jeans by Liverpool and show you how one pair of basic pants can give you so many different looks.

Black + White Is Always Right

Black and white is always up to date and trendy.  It’s a must have in your wardrobe, like bread and milk go on your grocery list.
Black and white stripes make for a cool combo and they are very Chanel-like.

I will admit that black and white are not my best colors but I love wearing them.  So there!

I love this stripped top and wear it often.  I may add a strand of pearls or a more colorful necklace or even top it with a colorful sweater.
How about this sassy little variegated strip?  It is extremely light weight and the open arms make it perfect for hot summers.
Here I've combined a wider striped tank and coordinating cardigan, both from Target.  I chose one of my favorite statement necklaces to dress it up a bit.  It gives some interest closer to my face.  This would be a perfect outfit for lunch with the girls or dinner with your Hubby.
I will even combine this otherwise casual duo with my more dressy palazzo pants for a more formal outing.

I recently found this wonderful jacket at my new favorite little (and I mean tiny) boutique, Hudson's, here in Shreveport.  I find it to be so versatile.  It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Here I've simply paired it with the stripped tank and added a nice necklace.  It would be fun to mix it with a more colorful top and white pants, or even blue jeans and tee.
And don't you just love the collar?

 Not crazy about a lot of black and white?

How do you feel about

Black + Brown?

I happen to love the combination.

Here are a few ideas.
These covers are other Hudson finds that have become staples.  I love this long, pocketed linen one.
 The deeper brown open cover drapes so nicely.  I wear it often with a black top as well.  Adding a colorful scarf helps tie the two colors together and fills in the neckline.
Or, how about adding your favorite color with your black pants? 
I happen to love orange with black even though it's not Halloween.
For those occasions when I need a light wrap, I've added this very light weight, off white loose cardigan.  These two pieces are also from Target.  I haven't shopped there for clothes until this spring, but found that you can't beat their prices for items such as these.
These are just a few combinations to get your juices flowing so you too can find creative combinations in your own closet.

So what are your favorite things to wear with black pants?

Amaze Me Monday #158 
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Pretty, pretty outfits! I can't pick a favorite. You look very comfortable in front of a camera. How do you do that? I hate having my picture taken...blech...ha!

  2. I love ALL of the looks....sooo pretty on you. But I just have to say the fact that YOU are SOO attractive is what makes a lot of these outfits work so well. While I love the look, really truly I do, I usually go toward the a MUCH simpler and much the same old look in everything. I just don't feel that much is attractive on me. Black pants are my "go to" whenever I need to be a bit dressier, as sooo much goes with black and it's always easy to come up with a top. I wish I could wear scarves and sweaters and cute little jackets etc., but don't feel like I can. My mother on the other hand had a wardrobe you wouldn't have believed. She was ALWAYS ALWAYS dressed soo nice. She had drawers of scarves and sweaters and more jewelry then you can imagine. Other then my wedding ring I rarely if ever wear anything else. Maybe earrings occasionally. Anyway, I really enjoy your posts on wardrobes. Have a good week

  3. Pretty, sassy girl.

  4. All of these are lovely, but the turquoise with the scarf stood out to me. I am definitely always drawn to black and white, but I also like color. Wish you were here to help me with my wardrobe! I have loads of black pants and tops, but adding or accessorizing are what I need help with. Thanks for the ideas. I never think about Target. Chico's is where I always end up and then I regret spending so much.

  5. Had to come have a peek! Black + White IS always right!! xox


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