Thursday, March 12, 2015

Your Aura of Specialness

Were you aware that you have a unique aura of specialness?

You do!

This is not a novel idea.  Back in the golden years of the old Hollywood when beauty was actually an art form, many of the actresses were known for their specific beauty.  Their aura was based on the combination of how each ones unique physical features were brought out and enhanced her unique personality.

If you are old enough to remember, then think about Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Loretta Young, 
Katharine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and others from that era.
Each one was marketed based on her Image Identity.
We don't see much of that today in Hollywood, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still apply.

Think about the aura of specialness in your appearance that is based solely on expressing the uniqueness of who YOU are.  We each have very specific features and characteristics that, when added together, form our unique personalities and physical beings.  Yes, we too have an

And, that is what real beauty is---expressing the person YOU are.  One must first learn to appreciate the unique creature God made you to be and then simply express that uniqueness in your appearance.

You will not only be beautiful on the outside but the inside as well, because one will feel beautiful and know she is a lady of true significance.

None of us may ever be a beauty like those Hollywood women that the world will remember long after we're gone, but we can be remembered as a lady who was admired because she was all God intended her to be.

God created you perfectly.  There is not one thing about your natural physical appearance that isn't absolutely perfect for the totally unique individual you are.

Feeling that one possesses physical "flaws" that need correcting is a universal problem; and you are certainly not alone if you feel that way.  We are so obsessed with correcting our assumed flaws that billion-dollar-a-year industries have been created around our feeling of being defective.

Well, let me just tell you right now.

There is nothing defective about you!  You are exactly who and what you need to be!

That's not to say you have no need of enhancement, but that is not the same as correction.  It is not that nature was unkind or unfair to you, but simply that you need to learn to see yourself perhaps in a different, more objective light.

If you gain nothing else from reading this blog post, I hope you take away this thought:
Your true beauty comes from within and your outward beauty comes by accentuating your uniqueness.

You were created perfect, you are not like anyone else, and you are special.

You are unique!

And, you are absolutely a star of the highest quality!

Now, go out and be God's Lady of Significance!

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  1. I am learning to accept the truth that my loving, heavenly Father is so very fond of me. The thought that I am beautiful, is one that is a struggle for me. I'm not saying it isn't true, but just that I haven't gotten that far in my healing journey just yet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. "a lady of true significance...that's beautiful, Libby! When we are living the life God has for us, we shine with His beauty!


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