Friday, March 31, 2017

My Mid-Morning Friday Post

I thought I would share some of the favorite things I found in my camera lens this week.
 My Clematis plant is blooming profusely right now.
I haven't been able to get enough of the birds that love playing around in our back yard.
This dove was studying me as much I him/her.
This lone Mockingbird on a neighboring chimney was singing for all it was worth.  I loved the silhouette of this picture.
 My zoom lens caught the perfect profile of this majestic male Cardinal.
 Mr. Bluejay was almost posing for me.
 And, I wish you could have heard the noise this little sparrow was making.  I wouldn't exactly call it musical but definitely what it missed in a sweet tweet it made up for in volume.
The sun loves my bougainvillea and brings out every shade of color in its brilliant petals.
 This little basket of various ivy provides a colorful contrast to the neighboring colorful bougainvillea.
Don't you just love the colors in this amaryllis?
 Now this would take the prize for the most interesting and somewhat X rated picture.  This is what the inside of our Sago Palm looks like.  We have never had this phenomenon happen before.  Any idea what might be going on?

By the way, this plant is approximately 43 years old.  We moved it from place to place in pots and finally put it in the ground when we moved in our current house in 2007 where it has quadrupled in size.  I agree its old enough to do whatever it chooses, but this is questionable behavior at any age.
And I will leave you with this peaceful scene and let you imagine the sound of quiet, bubbling, clear water.


  1. Your photos are stunning! Those birds are oh so sweet and the bougainvillea is one of my favorites. They always remind me of Israel. I don't think mine survived the winter and I don't understand why. That plant is very strange. Hmmmmm. I think I will go turn on my bubbly water contraption. Haha! So peaceful.

  2. Beautiful photos! I've just recently started using my phone camera for everything. It's just so easy and convenient. :o)) Safe travels for tomorrow's surprise!

  3. I also love to listen to the birds! My one regret here is that we can't hang a bird feeder. The squirrels are too aggressive, no matter what squirrel proof brand feeder I've tried and w=eat all the seeds within hours. In summer birdseed attracts black bears so we can't hang them. I see mainly magpies here and crows and hawks but in summer we see many hummingbirds, which I love to watch

  4. Gorgeous photos! The cardinal is my favorite.


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