Monday, January 23, 2017

Introducing Hudson House

A year ago, as part of my "Love Your Home" series, I featured the home of Jan Hudson.  This has been the most viewed post on my blog, incidentally and can be found HERE.
Jan and her husband own a furniture store and clothing boutique appropriately called
Hudson House.

Jan and I have discussed doing a series of posts on wardrobe planning because she is a master at knowing how to put together clothing pieces to build a wardrobe.  That will be coming in the near future, but I first want to introduce you to Hudson House.
 Located in the Historic Highlands neighborhood, it is like
Turning back time.
 To a time when multiple lamps cast shadows across objects while highlighting others.
 To a time when stark lighting in a room was unheard of - creating harshness rather than warmth.
To a time when gilt and glamor were at home with touches of tapestry, fur, and velvet.
To a time of warmth instead of cold metal racks and shelving.
To a time of romantic clutter and little vignettes where the eye begs to linger a bit longer.
That is Hudson House!
A jewel box full of wearable art and neoclassical furniture and accessories.
Adjoining is a little taste of what can be found in the larger furniture store down the street.
We shall enter this home designer's showcase another time.
In the meantime, when you think of Hudson House, think of romance.
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  1. What a lovely shop...just the kind I would love to spend perusing! Displayed with beautiful finds.. what a gem...thanks for sharing Hudson House!

  2. Oh my, such a beautiful shop...that was fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  3. so many beautiful items you have. I love many myself and see many others that my friends would love
    come see us at

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