Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

The falling of Fall leaves came in with a bluster yesterday just in time to welcome the Christmas Season.  But, this Wednesday Hodgepodge is all about the Thanksgiving Holiday.
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1. Give us three rhyming words that say something about your Thanksgiving holiday (or your most recent holiday gathering if you didn't celebrate Thanksgiving). 

Family (got to FaceTime Indiana family while visiting with Dallas family)
Comedy (see random thought)
Cassidy (may be our last time to see her before she flies to Spain for her Spring Semester at UT)

2. When did you last say, 'the more the merrier'? Did you mean it?

I do not recall using that phrase.  My life is too regimented for that so if I did say it, I probably didn't mean it.

3. What's one piece of advice you'd give someone who is your same age?

Stay active and keep moving

4. You're ordering a veggie plate, what four veggies are on it?

Sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, purple hull peas

5. Shop til you drop! Did you? Have you ever? Will you between now and Christmas?

It doesn't take very long for me to drop while shopping.  It is not my favorite thing at all.  So, no I did not, have not, and will not.

6. What's your favorite chair in your house, and why is it a favorite?

It would be my recliner.  It is the Deco Recliner from Haverty's and I find it so extremely comfortable.
7. Share an early memory of faith, religion, or spirituality.

My father was a pastor and I married a minister of music, so all my life has been centered around our faith, our religion and many, many varied spiritual experiences.  One specific early memory would have to be when our dad baptized both me and my sister together.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This past weekend we attended two performances of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Eiseman Theater of Performing Arts in Richardson, Texas.  Our 10 year old granddaughter played the part of Gladys Herdman.  Both performances were extraordinary.  Here are just a few of my favorite shots of her and the cast. Also a short video of her herding the shepherds.

Several of her good friends came to support her.  Notice the "Team Gladys Herdman" shirts.

And, if you haven't seen the movie you may find it a delightful way to spend an hour.

Western Michigan Bronco Football Update:
Playing for the Mid America Conference Title in Detroit on Friday night - 7 ET, 6 CT on ESPN2
And we will be there!!!
 Offensive Line (Left Guard - Jackson Day - #65)


  1. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever brought back memories....I do believe this was/is the best movie to put Christmas in perspective.
    Good luck to the Western Michigan Bronco Football Team!

  2. I love the book Best Christmas Pagesnt Ever. Congrats to Gladys : ). And congrats to your grandsons team! Have fun cheering them on in the finals!

  3. I've been to that theater in Richardson many times. Looks like a great production. Good luck to your grandson. Have a good week.

  4. Wow...your little granddaughter looks like quite the actress! Bravo!!! Hope your grandson and his team pull out a big win, Libby!

  5. Your chair looks mighty comfy. I am currently looking for new chairs. I might have to look into that one.

  6. Yes, that recliner does look comfy. Ava looks like she was thoroughly "into" her acting. What a cutie! And, can't believe you all are going to be at the game Friday night. What fun! I'll sure be pulling for them.

  7. I agree, I'm not a fan of the more the merrier! Your grandchildren are awesome, I know how proud you are of them.


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