Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When Are You Old?

It is good to have Joyce back for

1. We celebrate Veteran's Day in the US of A on November 11th. When did you last interact with a member of the armed forces (either currently serving or retired)? Have you ever written a letter to a soldier, bought a meal or coffee for a solider, said an unprompted thank you to a soldier you encountered out and about somewhere? If you're not in the US, comment on a similar holiday in your own country.

I interacted with retired veterans in our Sunday School class and at our weekly prayer group this past Sunday evening.  There are some special folks in those groups both men and women.

2. You can have fifty pounds of anything at all (except money)...what would you choose?


3. When did you last receive an invitation in the 'real' mail? What was it for and did you attend? When it comes to RSVP-ing, are you an 'early responder' or a 'last minute, barely-under-the-wire' kind of guest?

An invitation to a wedding and I am an early responder.

4. What's something you really don't like to waste?

I can't say time because I'm retired and I've taught myself that its okay to do that now.
I can't say food because cooking for two always results in food being put down the disposal.
I can't say opportunities because that would be a big untruth.
But, I can truthfully say I really don't like wasting any of those things.  Life is short and getting shorter.

5. Cheers, Friends, MASH, Seinfeld...of the ones listed, your favorite long-running sitcom?


6. What decision are you glad you made?

Where do I start and how can I name just one?  I think the first real conscious decision that I made that has impacted my life the most is the one to answer God's call on my life to acknowledge Him as my Lord and Savior. But, I couldn't have made that decision without His Holy Spirit calling me and convicting me.

More recently, I am glad I decided to go back to Pilates this morning.  It has been a long six weeks and my body said it was time to get back with the program.  I do so hope though that my muscles and hamstrings will remember what they are supposed to do real soon.

7. In this month of 'Thanksgiving' what is one thing that's different today than it was a year ago that you're grateful for?


8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I found this recently and thought about my dad.  He was a dreamer but also an achiever.  He was a giver, a lover of life and people.  My husband and son are like that as well.  They are always thinking forward, always dreaming of something else that can be achieved.  Some one they can help.  Some times they are successful, some times not.  None of these special men in my life settled.  They dream(ed) of bigger and better and the next big opportunity to make a difference around the corner.

“A man is not old until regrets
take the place of dreams”
John Barrymore
"Widely acclaimed as the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation, John Barrymore married four times and passed away performing live on a radio show. He refused to give up his love of acting or his love of love. Chasing his dreams, he lived this life until his last breath.

"Mr. Barrymore refused to accept conventional wisdom that would have us believe there is a time that we should acquiesce, put up the white flag, pull up the rocking chair and accept that our best days are behind us. A time when we should sit back and watch the news rather than make the news, read about history versus making it. The proverbial golden years, a time to reflect on what could have been, or should have been."  Gary Freidman

 I'm not the dreamer that my dad, or John Barrymore were but I don't ever want regrets to determine who I am or who I could have been or how old I am.


  1. Glad you are feeling able to try Pilates again! I love the quote about regret...I think when you hit your 50's you become very aware of what you want to do, but haven't. I feel more urgency about some things in this decade than I ever have before. Have a great day!

  2. I'm with you on number 6. Most definitely the best ever decision.
    I need to make the decision to exercise again, though. :-/

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  4. Loved your random thought, Libby! I try to live without any regrets, too. Becoming a Christian at 15 was one of the best decisions I've ever made, too. Would be so lost with God in my life...especially now.

  5. Love that quote as well. Regrets are NOT something cannot determine who I am. Accepting the Lord and giving ourselves to Him was BY FAR the best decision anyone could ever make. What else do we decide here has the power to effect our entire eternities? BIG SMILE... Enjoy your day! Glad your back as Pilats!

  6. I just returned to my swimming exercises and my body showed me how it felt to be ignored for so long. Enjoy your Pilates.

  7. I go to Zumba class and haven't been in two weeks-I really miss it-more for the frame of mind. Love your answer to #6-my answer as well.

  8. Oh, so happy you were up to getting back with your exercise as I know how much you enjoy that. I think that turning 60 was when I really began to give all your said in #8 a lot of thought. I want so much for the rest of my days to count more than my past days. I don't want to reach my dying day with regrets. Blessings!

  9. Cashews! Now that would be something good to have 50# of! (I said chocolate..) Relationships, friends and family, are so important during the holidays...and the rest of the year!

  10. I like your answer on cashews! We love them. Thank you for sharing your random thought. I don't want regrets to determine who I could have been either. My dad at 91 still says "I wish I would have....." and I don't want to do that.


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