Friday, November 7, 2014

Master Bath Additions

 My Friday is Unfolded by revealing to you some new additions to the Master Bath.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago on my blog that I intended to get out my canvas and paints again.

Well, I did and after many layers of color upon color, I ended up with this "Garden Revealed."
I text'd a picture of it to my sister and her response was
"That is something you just want to look at and ponder for a while."  Which in sister speak is,
"Interesting, but what is it?"
Well, my response was,
"Good, because it is hanging in front of the commode."
 What better place to ponder and delve into the depths of color than in the Master Water Closet?

The colors incorporate all the other colors I am using in this room.
We have been in our Garden Home for eight years and I had not done anything about the window treatment in the Master Bath.  Although I have had the fabric for years, the high ceilings and the corner windows posed a design problem for me.
Recently a friend told me about a lady who was willing to take on the project.  After all these years, we finally have fabric on the windows.
 I am pleased with the result.  What do you think?
The blinds will stay because I don't like the idea of shadows being seen from outside.
I love the silk sheen and the way they tie in with the other things I already have in this bath.
 Details are important to me, and this grouping makes me happy.
The final de Resistance' is my little vanity chair that I absolutely love.
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  1. Good morning! Wow...I honestly LOVE everything about your Master bath! The picture is FABULOUS! Soo it. And then the new curtains...they are perfect. And the beaded fringe is again just the perfect touch. Love the colors in the towels, and that chair! Goodness I really LOVE that. Yes, everything little thing about it is soo good. Did I mention I liked it? lol Enjoy your week-end!

  2. Love your painting! And you KNOW that red is a neutral color in my book, so I like seeing it in your Master WC. Window looks great!

  3. Beautiful Master Bath! You did a great job!

  4. Beautiful changes in your bath! I love the artwork and it is perfect for the space. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  5. Love the window treatment, looks really good. And, the vanity chair is awesome. I'm looking for one of our new Master Bath, where did you get that. Looks like a happy place to me!

  6. It's all beautiful! - Just like you!!

  7. Your master bath looks wonderful and I love your's fabulous!


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