Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Party, Wedding, Graduation & Dance Recital Weekend!

This past weekend held so many fun and varied activities that I must spend some time and blog space sharing them with you.

Saturday afternoon, we were invited to the birthday party of two of our little neighborhood kiddos.  They are new neighbors and we are loving these precious children and their friendly parents.
Sydney, nine and Tyler, three were the birthday kids.  Other siblings are big brother Christian and middle sister, Kennedy.  I'll let you see for yourself how cute these children are.

That evening we attended a wedding for two of the most precious young people.
Brandon and Katy celebrated their marriage at the Caspiana Plantation, under a huge old Oak tree.
It was a beautiful setting.
 We have known these two since they were early teenagers and instinctively knew that eventually this special day would come.  They are now both college graduates headed to professions is D.C.
 Not only was it an ideal setting, but they had so many special touches that made it uniquely their own.  One thing they did that I had never seen before, was the mingling of sand instead of lighting a unity candle.  They poured two shades of sand into a beautiful sealed box that will be a keepsake.

Sunday afternoon was high school graduation for our granddaughter, Cassidy.  She was one of 800 students and her last name begins with "W."  We had to wait a loooong time to hear her name called.
We were able to see her cross the stage from the huge overhead screen.
(picture on far right)
The special girl with her mother and grandmothers.
Cassidy already has 12 college credit hours and all "A's" and will attend a local college this next year before transferring to the University of Texas.
Hook 'um Horns!

Monday evening was dance recital for our littlest granddaughter, Ava Grace.
Now, folks there are dance recitals and then there are Texas style dance recitals.  This was more like a Broadway production.  Amazing!

Although our little angel only danced once, she was the star of the show and the cutest one out there.
Do I hear an "Amen" from all you mothers and grandmothers out there?

This was her third dance recital and below is a recap of those years.  Yes, they grow up all too quickly.
Anytime we can spend time with family and friends it is a good day for us.


  1. My goodness, could you have packed any more into the weekend? Cute neighbors, beautiful wedding and couple and adorable Granddaughters. Guess you have spent the week recovering. :o))) We're enjoying having Clancy and Bridget here and I'll have some recapping to do myself when they are gone. Hugs to you!

  2. Don't think you could have gotten more into your week-end if you tried! lol Soo many wonderful events. Your neighbors kids are just adorable! And the wedding looks beautiful, and your granddaughter is downright gorgeous! Congratulations to her! Now rest up! grin...

  3. Wow, how fun! You really did have an awesome weekend! You are so right about Texas events...everything is a production. Our daughters' graduating classes had about 1200 grads, and our last name begins with an "R"! So, I know exactly what you mean! Your granddaughters are beautiful. Love the wedding photos; and the little kiddos are adorable.

  4. What fun celebrations! Those neighbors kids are just the cutest and you have beautiful grandkids! Abby will graduate next May with a class of over 800 students...and our last name begins with 'W', too. Going to be a long event!


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