Thursday, March 20, 2014

Does Your Jewelry Make a Statement?

Or, are you making a statement with your jewelry?

Yesterday, I paid a visit to one of my most favorite places not only for the delicious food, or to see one of my favorite people, but to look at some the prettiest costume jewelry in the city.

You guessed it!

Recently, Sharon has opened space for a new Women's Clothing Boutique - 

L.B.D. by design is owned and operated by a mother/daughter duo,
Kimberly and Alexandra Harris.

Sharon and Kimberly willingly combined their beautiful clothing and jewelry in order to demonstrate that the perfect outfit is the perfect combination of the two.
There are also lovely displays throughout the store.
 This gorgeous piece of "eye candy" is perfect with the Grace Kellyesk neckline of this basic black dress.
 The graduated deep emerald green jewels highlighted by the black, clear and amber stones create the perfect contrast for anyone's skin tone.

Is this lace top not delicious?
It takes on a Bohemian flair when worn over this flowing long skirt and draped with strands of necklaces.

Daughter Alexandra was also quite helpful in giving the more youthful interpretation.
And, I must thank my beautiful model, Elise Birmingham.  She was exquisite in everything she modeled.

Rompers are so in for the young set this spring and summer.
 Alexandra added this simple turquoise drop necklace to this fun little outfit.

Again, for the young set, Elise is showing off a pair of faux leather shorts with a lovely simple silk white blouse.
 To not overpower the delicate neckline, they added a double strand of small gold chains with interesting drops that add just the right interest to the V-opening of the top.
An idea when wearing simple necklaces is to bring bling to the wrists.  This combination is perfect for the outfit.

How fun and yet elegant is this collection of pearls and gold chains worn with a very simple white sundress.  This would be ideal for a summer tea party or wedding.

Do you have your summer Kimono yet?
The Kimono is the new must-have item for ladies of all ages this spring and summer.
Elise is dressing down this colorful, filmy piece by pairing it with a colorful silk camisole and jeans. 
 We added a long strand of green baubles to take the eye into the outfit along with a more chunky chain that drops perfectly into the decolletage.

2014 is the year for the jungle prints and this little knit leopard-print dress is adorable.
 When wearing large busy prints, it can be very distracting and over-bearing to add contrasting jewelry, so we went dramatic yet monochromatic.  This beautiful choker brings the attention to the face while the extended open chain adds a touch of glam below the bust line.

I wanted to show how one beautiful statement necklace is all one needs when wearing an open neck.  This aqua piece adds interest, whimsy and color to any basic color dress or blouse.  This piece also comes in coral which is gorgeous.

Sometimes a necklace is not necessary.  So to add color and interest around the face, a just-right earring is all that is called for.
This colorful dangle also adds emphases to a long elegant neck like Elise's.
Add a colorful shoe and you will be the bell of the ball.

Large statement necklaces don't always have to be worn for formal occasions.  They are so versatile and can be used to dress up and add bling to an otherwise very casual and simple outfit.
This absolutely gorgeous crystal necklace will be the show stopper with whatever it is matched.

 Here we have used this same casual skinny jean and tee outfit and added a glitzy belt and simple gold chunky choker.  We also added bling to the wrist with triple bangles.
   Don't forget about adding color to your otherwise monochromatic outfit with a bright purse or shoes.

By the way, after you have had lunch and tea in the Tea Room, and shopped at L.B.D. Boutique and all the lovely items Sharon has on display throughout the store, you may want to browse through the antiques section.  There is so much to see and do at
The Glenwood Village Tea Room and Gifts

 I thought I would add just a couple of my statement necklaces.

This copper bangle bedecked necklace is my color and added interest to the neckline of this leopard cardigan for my photo shoot with the ladies this week.

Now, I just have to show you my newest addition.  Sharon wore this one day when I was dining in the Tea Room with friends and I literally bought it off her neck.  I love the design and the orange stones in this piece.  Yes, it will go into my drawer of favorite statement pieces.
(Yes, since it's my blog I can photoshop myself all I want to.)
Is this not elegant and sassy at the same time?
You may recognize its sister necklace as the one shown above with the black dress.

Now, make a statement with your statement jewelry!
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Thank you ladies for such a great time playing dress-up with you this week.


  1. I'm sitting in the Dallas airport on mu way home from Dodge City and so enjoyed reading this post. Love the beautiful fashions, the gorgeous jewelry and beautiful ladies. Great post!

  2. What lovely jewelry! I love a great statement necklace; and these are wonderful! Another place that I need to visit when I come through Shreveport! Happy Spring!

  3. Such a great post, Libby! The jewelry featured.... so beautiful! And, you look so wonderful!

    Love you,


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