Monday, June 24, 2013

Miscellany Monday: Where Do I Go From Here?

 As mentioned in my last post, I spent this past week helping Daughter and family move into their lovely new home in Dallas. It is in an older, well established neighborhood that seems to be very family friendly.  There will be no sharing of pictures however, out of respect for Daughter, and the lack of interest in packing boxes.

After driving in on Friday night, Hubby and I planned to get up early on Saturday and visit the local Shreveport Farmer's Market.  That was a great idea until I tried to get out of bed that morning to find I could not move without excruciating pain in my lower right back. There went the plans for the day. So, my Saturday was spent trying to find any position or movement that didn't elicit a scream and wondering which box I shouldn't have moved. Fortunately, Sunday brought some relief and we are now looking forward to the Farmers Market this week.
Tomorrow is Grandson Jackson's BIG day!  He heads to Western Michigan to enroll for the last Summer Session and begin his conditioning regime for the Broncos Fall Football Season.  We are so excited for him and this new adventure in his life and that of his family.
With that in mind, I want to share a link Son sent us today, written by Lewis Hamilton about the new WMU Coach Fleck. I think you will find it very interesting and inspiring. You will for sure see why we feel blessed to have our grandson mentored by this fine young man.
Row the Boat

As for "Where I Go From Here," I'm trying to decide which direction, if any, my blog needs to take. I feel like I'm floundering without much direction and focus. I would appreciate any feedback you might have to help me think this through. Maybe it's just the funk mood I find myself in right now and will seem all better tomorrow, but here's where I find myself today.

May you have a great week and remember to "Row Your Boat" wherever you are, and I'll keep reminding myself to do the same.


  1. Oh, Libby, your blog is really wonderful and you are such a great writer. I'm thinking it's just the funk you are in and you'll be "good to go" in a few days. :o)

    Do you go to the Chiropractor for your back? I go consistently. I had some serious issues about 5 years ago and went to every Dr. under the sun to no avail until I finally gave in and went to the Chiropractor. I seldom have any issues now.

    Happy Monday and do keep Rowing your boat! Hugs!

  2. Good morning! Sorry to hear your back is giving you some trouble! Hope that has cleared completely up for you! How exciting for your family with your grandson! My husband played for the University of Nebraska so we are HUGE fans over here. lots of fun ahead for you all! As for your blog...I agree with lea..probably just the funk. We all get them. I have struggled many times with my blog over the years as to it's point and/or purpose, but have settled into it's mainly for a journal of my life. At the end of the year, I have my book printed, and it is telling the stories of our life...the good, the bad, and ugly, haha. (I have 4 now) and my kids are already fighting over them. I encourage you to just keep rowing, haha. Enjoy your day!

  3. Funny I just read another blog with similar thoughts on direction. I enjoy your blog, a slice of life, which is my favorite kind of blog to read. I do think this time of year the blog world is a bit quieter...people are busy enjoying time away from their computers, and there are seasons. Congrats to your grandson! How fun that will be for all of you!

  4. Thank you for mentioning my story! I know that your grandson will learn great life lessons both on and off of the field! If you ever feel a need for inspiration or uplifting please visit my site! :-)

    Lewis Hamilton


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