Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Trivia - Doors and Entrys

Today, I am linking up with Susan at Outdoor Wednesday.  I look forward to meeting some new bloggers through Susan and introducing some of my followers to this link.

Where does the time go?  And I'm retired!!

When I realized it has been over a week since I've updated my blog, I figured I better at least make my presence known again, lest I be forgotten.

Actually, I have not been exactly idle - not over worked either, you understand - but my attention and time has been focused elsewhere.  I edit our Twelve Oaks Times, our subdivision's HOA newsletter which is published quarterly.  Since I was gone all of May and part of June, I am humping it to get the July 1 issue ready for submission.

I thought I would share with you one of the the features I am including - Community Scenes.  I decided to feature some of the eye-catching door and entry decorations in our subdivision.  Some are very creative, others just pretty and others very inviting.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Beautiful Entry way Pics !I have enjoyed them very much! They are very creative & inspiring! Thanks for following my blog , I am your newest happy follower. :)

  2. i just love the fourth of july entry! is one
    of these yours?

    i'm so happy you know the creede area!
    my photo is from crested butte, but my
    family went to a dude ranch for 20 years
    near creede. la garita ranch. we drove
    by wagon wheel on the way to town.


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