Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day - My Daddy

As I join others today for Miscellany Monday, I want to share with you some of my thoughts today - Father's Day about my special daddy - William Porter Lazenby.

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The definition of memory is that which is remembered of a person or thing.  How does one adequately express in words what another person has meant to them?  Many have tried - the themes of thousands of books - but are they adequate?  Robert Browning wrote:  "How do I love thee; let me count the ways."  But did he, could he?  We search for that just-right card that expresses our deepest thoughts, and invariably fall so short.

Our last Christmas with Daddy, 1993

After our dad died, my youngest sister compiled a book of "Our Memories" made up of written thoughts by many, many people whose lives had been impacted by the man we called Daddy.  One person wrote a short but apt description:
"He was a complex man and highly intelligent who thought deeply about life.  The world he left behind is a much better place for having been there."
Another wrote:  "We should not so much grieve that such a man has died, as to praise God that such a man lived."
 Our mother's contribution is so beautifully and tenderly written about the man she was totally devoted to for 50 years.
"Porter, a man! Gentle, loving, kind, patient, unselfish and yet so strong, uncompromising in his convictions, always hopeful."
 My contribution was a letter I had sent my dad for Father's Day on June 15, 1986, several years before his death.  I'd like to share that as my memory of this special man. 
Thanks Dad…
        for being a Christian Father
        for living before us your commitment to God first
        for the example of what servanthood is all about
        for your love and unquestionable devotion to Mother
        for the way you relate to others
        for always “being there”
        for keeping the channels open
        for what I’ve learned by your attitudes and actions
        for always communicating love
        for the twinkle of pride and respect I’ve seen in your eyes
        for the time you’ve spent with me
        for a sense of security
        for making me feel important
        for listening and hearing what I didn’t say
        for affirming me even through condemnation
        for loving my family
        for giving of yourself
        for that word of encouragement, arm around the shoulder, wink of the eye, not of the head
        for your smile
        for your sometimes strange sense of humor
        for giving me the ideal example of fatherhood
        for helping me to not be satisfied with less for my children
        for giving to us all the greatest gift one person can give another – an example of God’s love
        I love you Dad!


  1. i'm happy that you had such a wonderful
    father. it has given you a great platform
    to encourage young fathers!

  2. what a beautiful tribute. what a great man! my dad died when i was 9... it's hard to remember him, so i love to look at old pictures.


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