Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

As I've thought about blogging this week, I decided participating with Rachel in Friday Favorite Things is the best way to share with you some of my favorite things so far this week.
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As you will remember from my Miscellany Monday musings we had soccer games in Indianapolis all last weekend with my almost 13 year-old granddaughter, and that her team won their age group championship.
What I didn't share with you is that after a very long and terribly hot Saturday on the field, the team went out for dinner together.  Afterward, a few of the moms agreed to take their daughters shopping.
Where better to end up than Nordstroms?  These 13 year old athletes who had played their hearts out on the field of competition, had the time of their life playing at the Bobbie Brown make-up counter.
Thanks to the lovely clerk who encouraged their fun.

Instead of joining the gym with hubby while we are up here, I prefer to walk in the beautiful neighborhood and also do my own Pilates workout.  One morning this week, I took my camera along and captured some of my favorite things along the way.  I hope you enjoy them too.
 Notice the curtains in the playhouse below.  Don't you just love it?
 I really like this house, but the thing I like best is the ornate gold-leafed desk behind the french doors on left.  I keep expecting to see those red rotating lights come toward me down the street for peeping.

Another of my favorite things is the way my Louisiana family tries to maintain their ties to their home state while living in the mid-west.  There is no doubt where their loyalties lie!  There are Saints and LSU blankets, sweatshirts, jackets, and jewelry not to mention memorabilia in their rooms.
 The Fleur de leis has also found a prominent place in their Indiana home.
How do you display your favorite things in your home which identify your interests and loyalties?


  1. Lawdy be, what a lovely place to walk. I believe that would be enough to lure me off the treadmill and outside to do my walking. :o)

    Loved this!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I do Pilates also. Love it!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Oh, yes, your neighborhood is gorgeous! Would love to walk there! xo

  4. Oh, Libby, I just discovered your beautiful blog; and I am enjoying going back and looking at your posts! I was born and raised in North Louisiana, and moved to Dallas, right after graduating college. This post caught my eye, as I have the fleur de lis symbol throughout my home. When I go home, I shop The Beehive in Ruston, and stock up! I hope you'll pop over and follow me, too! God bless you!


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