Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Olympic Fashion

SOCHI 2014

Are you looking forward to the Winter Olympics?  I enjoy watching the Olympics regardless of the season, but I do especially enjoy the winter games.

And the athlete's ceremony fashions are always quite interesting.  Do you remember the huge snafu before and during the Summer Games about the garments being made in China?

Well, this week David Lauren, Executive Vice President of the fashion empire's communication and marketing announced that the Ralph Lauren designed outfits "would be 100% made in the USA."

"We wanted to honor the heritage of the Olympics, the athletes and celebrate our country. The handcrafted patchwork of the sweater is an icon of Americana."
 Sure enough, the Oregon wool was spun in Pennsylvania and knitted into sweaters in California.
The ensemble also includes cream-colored turtleneck, white fleece pants, wool peacoats, black boots with red laces and a cotton belt.
 I rather like it but am afraid one of these $595 cardigan  patchwork sweaters may show up for someone's "Ugly Christmas Sweater" day a few years from now.
The wool peacoats aren't bad at all.

I thought it might be interesting to look back at some Winter Olympic Fashions from years past.
(I know some of these are Summer Olympics but I couldn't resist.)
 These no doubt get the prize for the strangest!
I suppose all things considered, the Ralph Lauren, Made-in-the-USA patchwork sweaters aren't so bad after all.


  1. Yes I am looking forward to watching them. I kinda like their outfits this year and thankfully they were made in the USA this time! Loved looking at those past photos.

  2. This is so clever and a trip down nostalgia lane!
    Thank you, sweet girl!!!!

    And thank you for the encouragement about
    taking care of our parents.

  3. Love the Winter Olympics! Can't wait! I like this year's 'uniforms', compared to some from the past. What fun to take a walk down memory lane!

  4. I love the winter Olympics! And I kind of like those sweaters, lol. Enjoyed looking at all those past uniforms! Enjoy your week-end!

  5. I'm Canadian and always envious of the U.S. Olympic looks. LOVE these by Ralph Lauren.


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