Monday, October 31, 2011

IMAGE - Clothing Personality - The Classic

Last time I gave an overview of the four Clothing Personalities that I like to use in helping determine the most complimentary styles.  Today, I want to start with the CLASSIC - the Graceful Lady.

The CLASSIC is the epitome of style and grace and is the image most often associated with high-income brackets.  Thankfully, income is not a pre-requisite for dressing as a Classic.  So, let's see how this can be accomplished.

What does a Classic look like?
  • Basically symmetrical with slightly angular bone structure and features
  • Usually H Frame or 8 Frame
  • Physically balanced.  Not too thin, too delicate, or too sturdy
  • Average to attractive face
  • Innately, controlled, refined, elegant, and calm with an added dash of powerful, majestic, charismatic
  • May have limited characteristics of the Dramatic or Romantic as well
Who is the Classic?
  • Woman of elegance and tradition, refined, sophisticated, and aristocratic.
  • Emotional nature is balanced and controlled
  • Moderator and trusted friend
  • Strong sense of justice
  • Strong intellectual vision and deep emotional sensitivity
  • Loves organization and detail, and a controlled environment
  • Strong sense of traditional values
  • You love quality and excellence - good taste
  • You may even have an aura of "breeding" 
  • May appear to be a bit stuffy, arrogant and aloof
Hairstyle Examples for the Classic

 Clothing Examples for the Classic
Business Attire

 Casual Attire

Evening Attire

Remember, you are seen as the Sophisticated Lady!  So, the key to maintaining this appearance is to wear smooth and controlled shapes and outlines of everything you put on, head-to-toe.  A sleek hairstyle, bluntly cut and smoothly styled; symmetrical and even lines and silhouettes to your clothing; a perfectly blended makeup in soft neutral shades; and beautifully understated jewelry and accessories express your aristocratic elegance with grace and ease.

  • Clothes should be tailored or ever-so-slightly flowing
  • You will prefer solid colors, but prints include soft abstracts, houndstooth, and herringbone
  • Textures should be refined such as silk, woolens, cottons, or knits
  • Fabrics should be those that have richness and quality; matte finishes and low lusters
  • Clothing should be very symmetrical - SYMMETRY is your cardinal rule!
  • Nothing oversized, superfluous or outrageous
"My dear, gracious, aristocratic, pragmatic, Classic friend, you are like a flawless diamond, brilliant and sparkling in your absolute perfection."  Metamorphosis, David Kibbe 1987
Classic Celebrities
Coco Channel
Meryl Streep

Olivia de Haviland

Phylicia Rashad

Grace Kelly
Scarlett Johansson


Next time we will look at the Romantic.

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