Monday, December 7, 2015

How I Wear My Brooch

On this Monday morning, I am joining my friends Adrienne and Jill at
for this month's "How I Wear My Brooch".

Their blog will be posted on the 9th if you care to see how others wear their brooches.  See it HERE.
Do you still wear brooches?  I do not wear pins very often anymore.  However, I thought it might be fun to participate in the post this month.

Just a word about my little pin.  It is a Mother-of-Pearl pin that I bought while visiting in Israel in 1972.  It is very delicate and I love the intricate design.
I selected this sweet vintage brooch to wear with this dress because the dress itself is quite busy and I didn't need anything to compete with the pattern.
Because I wear glasses and consider them as an accessory, I try not to over do the jewelry around my face.  With the cowl collar of this dress, I felt a simple brooch and earrings would be enough.    I also considered the large belt buckle as an accessory; therefore kept it all simple.
There’s a common misconception that a brooch is an accessory worn by someone 70+: ME, the Queen of England, Madeline Albright, aged Park Avenue Socialites, you get the picture. However, it seems pretty pins are making their way back into the current accessories market.
Wearing a brooch is a timeless way to add some sparkle to your fall outfits.
Getty/GoRunway, Art by Bobby Doherty
Pin one on in the glamorous style of Elizabeth Taylor, use it as a utilitarian way to close a shawl, or turn it into an embellishment.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Mix old with new. Wear a vintage brooch with a structured, graphic print dress, such as mine above, or neon clutch for a look that’s polished with added modern flair.

2. Placement is key. A brooch always works when worn, left or right, over the bust, (I was always taught to wear it on the left) but it can also be a surprising embellishment at the center of a buttoned up collar.
3. Blazers and brooches are friends. A fresh way to put some punch into your go-to, tailored blazer, jacket or denim shirt is to add a playful brooch to the lapel.
4. Use it in a surprising way.   Clip a beautiful brooch to a strand of necklaces or pearls, group several bangles, or wear on a scarf, or in your hair.  Wear one to call attention to the back of a simple dress. 
I bet you didn't know brooches could be so versatile.

Now, how do you like to wear your brooches?


  1. You look wonderful! Your choice of accessories is spot on. I think I have a brooch very similar to yours.

  2. You look lovely as always : )

  3. Your brooch is lovely. I have a large collection of pins that I don't wear very often anymore however I have started to wear my Christmas ones!

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