Monday, June 22, 2015

Orchestrated Steps

This past Thursday we went to Dallas for the wedding of a great niece or is it niece once removed.
I'm never sure which it is so I'll just say that Becca is the youngest daughter of our nephew, Glen and his wife Mary.

We spent a week with them and other members of their family last August in Breckenridge.
David, Becca and Matt, Mary and Glen
The lovely wedding took place at the majestic Rosewood Crescent Hotel in downtown Dallas
and the reception was held next door
The arched window is the location of the reception.
in the Crescent Club overlooking the the Dallas skyline.  Beautiful!
The Bride's Cake
 One of the best things about an occasion such as this is being able to spend time with family you might not see very often.  Such was the case for us.
Our niece and Aunt of the Bride, Tracy and her husband Glenn (on right) came from Maryland.  They were married last August and you might recall reading about The Wedding HERE.
We also enjoyed our time with the Bride's uncle, our nephew, Lee who is a Dentist in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Another blessing about visiting new places is meeting new people.  Hubby will always find a new friend. While I was "window" shopping in the clothes section of Stanley Korshak which is attached to the hotel,
he met and spent time getting to know a very special young lady.
 Sonya Woods is a stylist and personal shopper for Stanley Korshak.  But she is so much more than that.  She has an amazing and beautiful story of how the Lord has created a new being within her.

She shared with us how she was terribly intimidated and made fun of as a child until her Christian mother taught her to love herself because God does. 

Sonya serves as an ordained Elder of the Potter’s House of Dallas and volunteers as a teacher, mentor, speaker and conference host for several outreach ministries across the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area and abroad. She is also an instructor for the Potter’s House School of Ministry.

Sonya spoke to us so loving of her late mother that I was delighted to read on her website that in honor of her, Sonya recently launched “Ruth’s Daughters”, in-home bible study. It is her desire to see Jew and Gentile laboring together; bringing in the harvest.

You can visit her website HERE, but her real story is what she blogs about HERE.
I would love to introduce you to my new friend and for you to get to know how God is using this beautiful, Christian lady to inspire women to be beautiful without and within.
Via Blog
Truly God orchestrates the feet of His children and we were so blessed when He led our feet to Sonya's department where I could never afford to buy anything.  Thankfully, her friendship was free, yet purchased by the Blood of Jesus.

After the wedding reception on Friday night, Hubby and I got on an elevator with one of the elder servers for the event.  I asked him how long he had worked for the Crescent Club and he said, "30 years!"  This began a conversation that lasted 30 minuets.
This young man is known as the "Millionaire Waiter."

That's right, he is worth over a million dollars because he has specialized in being a trustworthy friend and server to the billionaires who frequent The Club.

He told us he has shaken the hand and served every president in these 30 years.  He said he first met George W. Bush when we would come in blue jeans and boots as a young man.  Because of that early friendship, he was always asked for when as President, he would come.  Ali is a remarkable man of 72 with no plans to retire, and one we so enjoyed getting to spend time with.

What if I hadn't spoken to this man?  What if Hubby hadn't engaged Sonya in conversation?

Our lives would not be as full and blessed as they are today.
And yes, while in Dallas, we did get to see our daughter and some of the family for a few minutes.  Another of God's richest blessings!
Yes, God orchestrates the feet of His children and this weekend was a blessing that we can only give Him thanks for bringing about.


  1. Well, your week was extra special all the way around. Can't wait to go over and read Sonja's blog. What a lady! Always fun to share in your adventures!

  2. What a perfect time of family, new sights and friends! Yes I too found the stories behind these new friends really interesting, and I am anxious to look this beautiful woman up and read more about it on her blog! Enjoy your week!

  3. What wonderful God stops you had! Can't wait to check out your new friend's blog!

  4. I think your husband and my husband would be fast friends. Mine never met a stranger either, and because of that we've added friends to our lives many times through chance meetings (if you believe in chance-wink) The bride's flowers are gorgeous!! I love the bright pink! Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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