Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Wedding!

The wedding of our niece in Germantown, Maryland was the basis for this two week trip that would culminate with two more weeks in Indiana with our family.

Let me tell you about our Tracy.

Tracy is the youngest child and only daughter of Hubby's oldest sister Margie, now deceased.  Tracy began losing her hearing quite early as a small child.  Because Margie was determined that Tracy have as normal a life as possible, she began teaching her to read lips and to speak, drilling her on proper pronunciation.  She also taught them both to sign.

Tracy was enrolled in the School for the Deaf in New Orleans at a young age, but Margie was not pleased that the school discouraged lip reading.  She brought her home and insisted that Tracy be put into a regular classroom.

Tracy was the first "special" student to be main streamed in Ouachita Parish, and she excelled.  Margie's determination opened the door for others who followed.

Tracy received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. She was determined to use her communication skills and her faith to minister to other hearing impaired people.

And that she has!  She remained in the area, working for the government, interpreting for the deaf and ministering to others through her church.

Tracy never married, but always thought she would some day.  That is, until she had her 50th birthday.  She then decided it was too late.  She just didn't know God's timing.

Five years later, Tracy and Glenn's love story can only be a "God Thing!"

Glenn and his wife, Debbie were both hearing impaired with three children, two of which were also deaf.  Being in the same church, Tracy and Debbie were very good friends and she taught their children in Sunday School.  Those small children are now grown and all are in college.

Early 2013, Debbie died of cancer.  Later in the year Glenn began bringing a cup of tea to Tracy every Sunday morning at church, and finally asked her out.
She told me, "I was so nervous!"  In April of this year, Glenn proposed and Tracy accepted.

Now, let me share their beautiful and perfect wedding with you.

It was Glenn and Tracy's desire that their wedding ceremony be a time of worship and that Jesus Christ be honored, not only in the ceremony, but in their lives and marriage for years to come.  They declared before us all that God is to be the head of their home and the Lord of their lives.

 Tracy is writing a love note to be given to Glenn just before the ceremony, along with her present to him.
  Tracy's bridal bouquet was beautiful and held a very special item - one of her mother's pens.
 Tracy was escorted down the aisle by her oldest brother, and given in marriage by both her brothers - Dr. Lee Wyant of Little Rock, AR. and Dr. Glen Wyant of Dallas, TX.
The pastor's wife (on right) was the wedding planner and his daughter (with mike) was the interpreter.

 Their pastor, Dr. Terry Buchholz, and his wife are both deaf.  Their ministry reaches people all across the D.C. and Maryland area.
One of the most meaningful times in the ceremony was when they went apart just to pray for each other.  This was such a moving and spiritual time for all of us.
 Another impressive and meaningful time in the service was the braiding of the rope, signifying their marriage being interwoven with Christ.  I had never seen this before but would love to see it done more.
"Marriage Takes Three"
Marriage takes three to be complete.
It's not enough for two to meet.
They must be united in love by Love's Creator, God above.
A marriage that follows God's plan takes more than a woman and a man.
It needs a oneness that can be only from Christ.
Marriage takes three.
Beth Stuckwisch

 Hubby closed the ceremony by singing "The Lord's Prayer."
 This was my most favorite moment of the day.  After the kiss, Tracy looked at Glenn with the most adoring and tender expression.  I just love this picture.
 The Reception
 Our table over looked the beautiful grounds of this rural country club in Germantown, Maryland.
 The flowers were done by one of Tracy's church friends.  She did an amazing job.
Tracy's brothers, Lee and Glenn with Hubby
 The family
We could not be happier for Tracy and Glenn.  They had the perfect wedding for a match truly made in heaven.

We began our week sharing God's love with special friends and ended it by witnessing the perfect picture of God's redeeming love for His Church and His followers.


  1. Well, a book needs to be written about her life story. I have tears after reading this sweet, sweet, God ordained story. I'm so glad you all were able to be a part of this most special occasion. Continue having fun!

  2. What a remarkable love story from start to finish! Isn't it amazing what God can do? Thanks for letting us be part of their special day!

  3. Oh my goodness...I LOVED this story! Such a remarkable testimony to what the Lord can do! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and joy! I know they will be such an inspiration to all around them. The colors the bride used were GORGEOUS! Soo glad you were able to be there and enjoy, and that you shared it with us!

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  5. What a special story! It goes to show that all is in God's time.

  6. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks and a big smile on my face for Tracy and Glenn's love. What a beautiful touching story. I wish them every happiness in the world. Thank you for sharing their story and the photos from their wedding. God Bless.....

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