Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nothing But Grands!

Last week we made two 3-hour trips to Dallas, but you don't see me complaining because we got to spend time with Granddaughters 1, 2, 3, and 6.

On Wednesday, although we were there for a funeral, we were able to have lunch with all four of our girls plus our soon-to-be grandson.
We had such a great time of catching up and getting lots of hugs and kisses.

This past Sunday, our littlest #7 was baptized and there is no way we were going to miss that special occasion.

Afterward, we celebrated with the family both the baptism and Granddaughter #3's leaving for her freshmen year at the University of Arkansas.

This week meant school starting from College Station, & Dallas, Texas to Granger, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Granddaughter #6 starts 2nd grade at Prestonwood Christian Academy and was seen to the door by her two big college age sisters.  Granddaughter #1 will be a senior at Texas A&M and Granddaughter #2 will continue classes at Collin College this semester before transferring to UT in the spring.

We haven't seen our Indiana grands since April but can't wait to get our hands on them in a couple weeks.

Per their tradition, they spent a day together with Mom in Chicago getting ready for the upcoming school year and one last big trip together to close out the busy summer.
I borrowed this one from Instagram.

Granddaughter #4 is entering the 10th grade at Penn High School in Granger, IN with a busy year of Varsity and Club Soccer on top of all the school work.  I know she looks much too femine to be a rough/tumble soccer player.  But, she pulls it all off perfectly.
Granddaughter #5 will be spending her last year in middle school and will be equally as busy with Honor Society, piano and anything else she can find to do.  This one is our most social granddaughter and manages to stay very busy with all sorts of activities and friends both at school and church.

Now, our ONLY Grandson cannot be left out.  This is how he has spent his summer and especially the last two weeks before school starts at Western Michigan University.
You will find him front row and center with the rest of the tough-looking offensive line.

Yes, this is a happy, proud and totally unbiased grandmother!


  1. What great looking grandkids you have, Libby! You have every reason to be PROUD! How exciting that one of your granddaughters is attending the Univ. of Arkansas at Fayetteville (my home state!). Before you know it, she'll be calling the Hogs with the best of us! Woo Pig Sooie!

  2. What a lovely post, full of beautiful Grans! Poor Jackson is way out numbered but looks like he has no trouble handling it. :o))

    Happy weekend!

  3. Oh and it is easy to see why your proud! What a great bunch! Soo good looking, and productive, and full of life! Just as it should be! ENJOY!

  4. Wow, what beautiful grandchildren! How blessed you are to be able to spend so much time with them! Enjoy them...the time goes so fast!

  5. So glad you got to spend time with your family. Your grandchildren are all so awesome and you are very blessed. I wish them all a great year!


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