Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Our long anticipated visit with our family in Indiana was cut short this week.  Dick's 95 year old mother had a heart attack and because of her age, decisions were made to not treat her except to keep her comfortable.  Hospice took over her case on the 2nd of September.  The next day, the Hospice Doctor suggested that we be called if we wanted to "see her alive."  We left as soon as we could repack our suitcases and say a quick goodbye to our kids.

Lafayette General Hospital
We have been at the hospital for two days now and she is still stable.  As the doctor said this morning, "We are waiting for nature to take its course."  I also add, that we are waiting for God's timing, praying that He will be merciful.  We say that, but we also know that God's nature is to be merciful with His children.  For that we praise Him.

Hospitals are never fun to spend extended time in, but Lafayette General Floor 9 personnel have been exceptional.  We met the Director of Nurses a few minutes ago - a young lady from Winnfield who is delighful.  She said she tries to instill in all of her nurses (4 floors) that they have such a unique opportunity to minister to people as no one else can do.  What a wonderful way to approach each day with seriously/terminally ill people and their families.

We met a lady this morning who is here with her 42 year old daughter who is dying from liver failure.  Also, we learned that her 92 year old mother wrote a book about "My Memoirs of Chenier Teague.This is an island off the central Louisiana coast where this dear lady grew up.  She was able to see 500 books published and autographed before she died on Sept. 2 of this year.  Dick and I hope to find the book before we leave Lafayette.

Even though there is very little that we can do for Dick's mother at this time, we take joy in being able to at least sit with her for a little while and be here when she opens her eyes.  It is also good to relieve our dear brother and sister-in-law who have so faithfully tended to Ms. Margie's every need these past several months since bringing her to Lafayette.  Thank you Tom and Martha.  We love you!

I will get back on my regular writing schedule next week, hopefully.

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