Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Inspiration to Myself

With no Wednesday Hodgepodge today, I thought I would throw together a quick post on my own.


This is a selfish post because I am the one who needs inspiration for putting together outfits right now.  I have become very lackadaisical with my wardrobe of late.  I love seeing other women's ideas and combinations and thought why not post a few of mine from times past and I might add a few I like from others as well.

I hope you may get some ideas that will spur you to shop in your own closet as I need to do.
This is a fun outfit and is so comfortable.

This is just one look from a capsule I put together a couple years ago for a trip.  The brown-on-brown is so practical and can be altered in so many ways.

You can never go wrong with black and white stripes.  Change to a pair of white jeans or crops but since the top doesn't cover the derriere, forget the leggings.
For a dresser look, I love my gray suit.  The look is timeless and the ways to alter the look are unlimited.

This is just a classic look with white jeans and a simple tee.  Throw on a light weight jacket or cardigan and you're ready to go.  Don't forget a statement necklace with this simple look.

 My Stella top is one of my favorites.  It will go with any color jean or dress up slacks.  The hat was just for fun.

 And this is my look today.  It is fun and will go just about anywhere, which is why I love it.

Now for some inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers on fashion for women my age.  No doubt they are a lot younger than I am, as are most people, but they have such an ageless style.

 I absolutely love this lady's sense of style.  Beth is one snazzy dresser but relate-able.  I think I can safely say I enjoy her blog the most simply because I would love to be able to wear everything she puts on.
Style At A Certain Age

Jennifer is perhaps closer to my age, but don't tell her I said that.  She is a very stylish and classic dresser.  I follow her on her blog as well as Instagram.
Chic at Any Age

I learned about Diana about fifteen years ago when she wrote one of her first e-books, "Wardrobe Magic".  She was my guru on wardrobe planning as I bought almost every e-book she put out.  I used her materials in my seminars which was an invaluable resource.  She is the most knowledgeable fashion consultant out there, as far as I'm concerned.
Fashion For Real Women

I follow Jennifer by email as well as following her blog.  She is a petite cutie who gives very down-to-earth fashion advice.
A Well Styled Life

I hope this gives you some good ideas and resources as you plan your spring/summer wardrobe.


  1. Elizabeth! You are so pretty and so stylish. All of your clothes are classic and you wear them beautifully. I pretty much wear tees and jeans most all the time. I need to go shopping! 😉

  2. Elizabeth... you look positively chic in every outfit. Have a wonderful Easter.


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