Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sister's Surgery Summary

I told you about my sis having back surgery.  This is the full somewhat gory details.

Sarah, in the middle is my youngest and tallest sister at 5'11'.  I'm the runt!
We all inherited what Mother always referred to as the "Colvin Back!"  That simply means you have back problems that traveled through her family line.

Sarah is the only one of us to have scoliosis, and her back began to curve very quickly a year or so ago.  She has been a first grade teacher for 30 years; retired this past May.  She also has five very active grandchildren ranging in age from 19 to one and a half year old twins, and a seventh due in September.  So, she has been a very active person, fighting through the pain and difficulties until she couldn't anymore.

On June 6, she had an initial surgery where they went through her lower front area in order to insert and glue in cages along her spine to hold the rod that would be added two weeks later.  It is quite a lengthy incision, but she did very well from the surgery.

However, it stirred up inflammation in the nerves on both hips radiating down both legs to the ankles.  The severe pain immobilized her necessitating a trip one week later to the emergency room.  All during this time she stayed with and was cared for by Gin, our middle sis.

This past Tuesday she was due to have the back part of her surgery and it was my turn to care for her.  She awoke in so much pain that morning that I had no choice but to take her to the emergency room.  There she remained until they took her to pre-op thinking she would go back at 11 AM for 1 PM surgery.  It had already been pushed back from 7 AM for unknown reasons at that time.  We learned later that the doctor had been called at 6:30 AM to do surgery on a car accident victim who had broken his neck.  When they finally were able to start surgery it was 5:30 PM and she was dehydrated and in agonizing pain and extreme anxiety.

After five hours, the doctor told us he was extremely pleased with the surgery and her condition had been severe with both the scoliosis and stenosis.  He showed us before and after pictures and the difference in her back was truly amazing.

Contrary to the 12" incision the doc described to us, it is more like 20".  It goes from just below her shoulders to her tailbone.  I will spare you the picture.  But she was a trooper and tried to do everything the nurses and therapists asked her to do in spite of the pain.

This past Saturday, she was moved from the hospital in Baton Rouge to a rehab closer to her home and family.  She continues to work hard and is now standing her original 5' 11" with the straightest back you can imagine.

It is going to be a long road of recovery for her, but she is determined to be ready to enjoy her retirement, hold that new grandson due in September, and hopefully watch her oldest grandson suit up and play college football in the fall.

Thank you for those of you who have expressed interest in and concern for her during this time.


  1. Your Sis is lucky to have you to take such good care of her. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  2. OH..MY..GOODNESS...How hard this has all no doubt been on her. Soo glad that the surgery went well, is behind her, and that she is recovering. There is nothing like having sisters to help you through such an ordeal. I've been blessed with 3 of them and honestly don't know what I'd do without them sometimes. PRAYING your sisters recovery is quick, complete, and with as little pain as is possible!

  3. I've always wished I had a sister especially one as close as you three.
    My granddaughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was in middle school. She wore a huge back brace until she was 17. Surgery could still be in her future. We pray she won't ever need it because it is so painful. She is 19 now. Praying for your sister too.

  4. Somehow I missed out on this information. I'm so sorry to read about your sister, but how fortunate she is to have you to take care of her. I had a friend who had that surgery several years ago and she has done wonderfully. I pray the same for your sister. You all are lovely, by the way.

  5. Oh, my goodness, I hurt for her. I know she was so thankful for your love and care for her. Does she have a husband? I pray for complete healing for her.

  6. I'm happy to hear that she is doing well. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

  7. Oh my goodness what an ordeal for your sister. I'm glad the surgery went well and hopefully her road to recovery will continue to go well also. You and your sister are a great support to her, she's a lucky girl to have such loving and caring sisters. You girls are truly lovely.
    I have one sister and we are like one person in two bodies. I don't know what I'd so without her in my life.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your sisters story.

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