Monday, January 19, 2015

A Week of Granddaughter Events

It is good to finally have time to do a blog post this Monday.

This will be a very brief posting of big events in the lives of some of our grands.

Granddaughter #2, Cassidy, set a goal to be accepted into the University of Texas for this spring semester.  SHE MADE IT!  We are so proud of her for setting such a high goal and working hard to achieve it.  Her parents moved her into her dorm room on Saturday and she begins orientation today.
Hook um big, Cassidy!

In northern Indiana, winter high school dances are a very big thing and the invitations to these are even bigger.  They really require creativity on the part of the young man and two participating families.

Clay's surprise invitation to granddaughter #3, Savannah, was so sweet and creative and yes, both mothers were very involved.

While I was up there, we went dress shopping which was so much fun.  She looked great in just about everything she tried on.  I'll reveal the dress she chose and pictures of the big night at the end.
Which one do you think she should have chosen?

 This week, Granddaughter # 5 had her braces removed and was so happy to show off that beautiful smile.  I think she must have aged too many years in the process. 

 I mentioned in a previous post that I had done some paintings for Christmas presents.
These were two of the ones I gave my Indiana family.
The "Red Dress" painting was for the girls and the ocean scene went into our son's office.
I appreciate their willingness to accept my feeble artistic attempts and abstract interpretations.

Now, the big reveal from last night!
Isn't she gorgeous?
 Did she choose your choice?
We all knew this black dress was perfect the minute she put it on.  She is so elegant and dramatic.

Happy Monday and may you have a great week as we wind down the first month of 2015.


  1. Yes! That's the dress I chose. :)
    She looks gorgeous. All your granddaughters are beautiful!

  2. Good morning! Believe it or not I too chose that dress for her! (though it was a difficult choice...your right, she was great in all of them). She looked soo beautiful! Such fun times. I would have loved to have heard how he asked, lol. Used to love those times when Melody was in school and the creative ways those guys came up with asking. I was only involved when he was planning out his proposal of marriage though, lol. I had to practically sew my lips together on that one let me tell you. She was clueless, lol. Glad you got to be involved in this. And congrats to granddaughter #1! Good for her. Enjoy your week.

  3. Congrats on your granddaughter attending the Univ. of exciting! Your other granddaughter is such a beauty, as well! I know I've said it before, Libby, but you have been incredibly blessed!

  4. I'm just now seeing this post. I've been busy,busy with the new house this week. Anyway, so happy for all your beautiful Granddaughters. I couldn't pick just one dress as there were 2-3 that I really liked and this was one of them. Fun post!!!


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