Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back Home but Not Back in the Swing of Things

We are home!  I had no idea it would take me a whole week to get adjusted to being back in my own space and routine, but it has.  I have had a hard time getting every thing done that needs to be done after being away for 5 weeks.  Can I possibly be slowing down?

Anyway, please be patient with me and this ever evolving blog as I hope to get back into the blogging swing this weekend.

I want to share with you about aspects of our trip including my new friend Patrick, the shepherd boy as well as family updates and hopefully getting back to some actual beauty without within topics.

So please come back and visit again.


  1. Oh, my goodness, I have a hard time after being away a week or 10 days, much less 5 weeks. Ouch! We'll all be right here waiting on you when you get your "ducks back in a row." Love you!

  2. it is a struggle getting back into the routine.
    take your time and don't over do it! we will
    be here when you're ready.


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