Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Princesses & Soccer

I am joining Carissa for Miscellany Monday from northern Indiana this month.  I look forward to sharing our 5-week visit with our family with you.  Stick around because it will be a busy time.

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Princess Blitz
You may recall that I featured the delightful program that was developed by a precious young lady whom I met while visiting up here in December, Samantha Petersen - Princess Blitz.  When she learned that we would be here, she invited me to participate in one of her events.  Actually, we pushed our travels up a date so we could be here for it on Thursday afternoon.

I will be covering this in much more detail later when I get all the pictures from her photographer Dad, but I just wanted to mention this wonderful young lady and her dedication to making little girls see themselves as the Princesses they really are.

She wrote her own story about two twin princesses and introduces the program by reading it to all the little 2nd grade girls who have been invited to participate.

My two granddaughters, Savannah and Mary-Elizabeth were also able to help for the first time.  The little girls thought they were beautiful, and they truly are.

Sammie, as her friends call her, has applied for a grant in order to fund future Princess Blitz events and asked me to be a reference for her.  I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing to support her in whatever way I can.  It is an honor to know this super special young lady and her parents.
Soccer Tournament 
On Friday, Daughter-in-love, Michelle, Savannah and I made the 3-hour trip down to Indianapolis for a weekend Soccer Tournament.  This was a huge state-wide tourney for all age groups and was held at an amazing complex that must have held more than 25 soccer fields.  Try to imagine the people!

As we were finding our particular field for the first game, I passed two little siblings of an older player who were no doubt made to attend with the family.  I was so intrigued because of their resourcefulness and creativity in entertaining themselves.  They were probably the only children there who weren't glued to an electronic gadget.

Savannah's team, the Invaders is a travel team that draws girls from this northwest area ages U/13 (under 13).  Savannah will be 13 next week. They were a marvel at this tournament.  Coming into the tourney, they had not won one single game, and probably weren't expecting to accomplish what they did.

The first game they tied with a very worthy opponent.  They won the next two making them eligible to play for the championship.  WOW, what courageous young ladies!

Their opponent in the finals was a team whose C team had beat them handedly earlier in the season.  And now they were having to play against the A team for the championship.  The girls were really tired after having played a game earlier in the day, and the temperature was a hot 83 degrees with the humidity of a Louisiana day, not Indiana.


These girls played their hearts out and came away winners in more ways than one.

Our Savannah is one of the toughest defensive players I've seen.  She is fearless and as a result has drawn more than one foul, but she plays her heart out and made a great contribution to her team.  She is a joy to watch, and may I say is so like her daddy in many ways.

The little brother of one of Savannah's best friends is James.  He is the most adorable little 3 year old you will ever see, with the most gorgeous red hair just like his sister, Allie's.

This next weekend, we have more soccer and more Rugby.  Hopefully, I will be able to see our BIG grandson, Jackson play Rugby this weekend.  They, by the way came in THIRD in the Mid-West Rugby Tournament this past weekend and will be going to Nationals in Utah on the 17th.  The guys will be flying together to attend that huge event.

Meanwhile, the girls are looking forward to watching and playing more soccer in Columbus, Ohio that same weekend.  I told you it would be a busy month.


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  2. Busy, indeed! Big congrats to your granddaughter and her soccer team for a job well done! I bet your heart was bursting with pride! So exciting!

  3. Loved hearing about your exciting weekend. I do hope you are taking a double dose of vitamins while you are there. Loved the pictures too!
    Happy week!

  4. Dearest Libby,

    I thank you SO much for visiting me today! It is always wonderful to meet new bloggers that take the time to comment. What a lovely life you have here!!! Anita

  5. Your weekend looks like a really busy but exciting one. It'S no wonder when you have such a big family. You must be wonderful grandparents and parents to be so involved in your children and grandchildren's lives. Your grand daughter looks so cool in her team jersey..congrats to her and her team!


  6. what adorable pictures. i love seeing you, too, libby!


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