Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Mothers Day, Photography & Friendships

 Mother's Day
 As I am writing this on Sunday evening, it is still Mother's Day.  This special day always brings back thoughts and memories of both my parents because they were the most in-love and special couple I have ever known.  Dad always tried to make Mother's Day special for his bride, but even more than that he made every day special for her.  He would often find a flower, or some interesting thing in nature and take it to her - just because.

Hardly a day passes that I don't think about them and wish I could share an experience or tell them what their grands and greats are doing.  This coming Tuesday would have been my dad's 93rd birthday.  I am so grateful for their example and love, especially on this day.  It is from them that I got my strength and ability to love and forgive.  It is from them that I learned the importance of family and the value of giving.  It is from them I learned to trust and have faith.

Thank you Mom and Dad, and Happy Mother's Day.

And without my family, I would not be celebrating Mother's Day.  Thank you John and Christy for blessing my life and being the most amazing kids and parents a parent could ask for.
My granddaughter became a teenager this week.  Oh my goodness, another one.  Actually, I have fewer grands who are not teenagers than are.  I sure am glad I'm not getting older.

For Savannah's birthday, I treated her to a photo session on the opposite end of my camera lens.  When she came in from school on that important day, we went outside and I have to tell you, I had a ball.  She is so photogenic as you will see, and in spite of my inexperience, we got some really good shots.

My littlest granddaughter, Ava Grace and her two friends are the cutest little things you have ever seen.  They bonded when they were still in diapers.  It is the sweetest thing how they absolutely adore each other.  They are 5 years old now and the friendship just becomes more precious.  I'm sure as they grow and start Kindergarten next year, there may be changes, but I think there will always be something very special between these three precious little girls.

They started dance together
And performed together
Queens for Queen Day at School
Birthday Chums
Christmas Cuties
Soccer Buddies
Be Silly Girls together
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all love so unconditionally?
Thank you Carissa for giving us Miscellany Monday.


  1. The photo session with your granddaughter came out great. She is very photogenic. Oh I love a little on in a ballet outfit. So sweet.

    Hope your having a nice Monday!

  2. Libby...there is no doubt about have been richly BLESSED! Beautiful grandkids and I love the story about your mom and dad. My mom and dad passed away, also, and I'm so grateful to have had two amazing parents.

  3. love all those old pictures. i have a soft spot for those kinds. your dad sounds like a real gentleman. my favorite grand daughter shots are the 2nd and 3rd ones. adorable!

  4. i hopped over here from another blog and
    am so happy i did. what a darling girl
    you have! when i am a grandma, i am
    going to know the name of all my grands'
    friends. your photo gave me that

  5. Libby, I can identify with you thinking about parents who have passed on and how I miss them so much especially when it comes to my grandchildren....they would have loved them soooo much!

    Your granddaughter Savannah is just the ALL-Americal- Girl! Boy, is she beautiful! And little Ava Grace is darling! Don't you just love how little girls love their little friends!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures!

  6. Thank you for your very kind comments regarding my niece. They mean a lot.

    Your granddaughter is lovely and those little dancers are also adorable. I was reminded once again this week that life is precious and God is good.


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