Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Happy Fall!

It is so good to have Joyce back doing the Hodgepodge this week.  It must mean that she has been productive in her move and able to get internet.  Welcome back to cyber-ville, Joyce.
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1. Let's all think happy thoughts...share one of yours here. 

I have many happy thoughts today and things for which I am grateful; however, I think I will share this beautiful song by Tim McGraw, "Humble and Kind."
2. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day-go fishing...." What say you? If you want happiness for a day begin it with the Lord.

3. Where do you go to decompress from the world around you? 

My house is my haven and escape.

4. What song never fails to make you happy?

We sang a beautiful arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy" this past Sunday morning.  The organ, handbells, and other instruments accompanying the voices were majestic.  It is impossible to sing about God's holiness and majesty and not be happy.

5. Wednesday is National Fast Food Day. Should that be a thing? Apparently it is, so tell us what's the last 'fast food' you consumed? If you were putting together your own version of a 'happy meal' what would you include? 

Running through a fast food line is not something we do.  But, if I were to put a meal together it would include Cane's chicken tenders, cole slaw and a big chocolate Frosty from Wendy's.

6. In a few sentences tell us why you blog. 

I began blogging after I retired in 2011 as a creative outlet for me.  It quickly became something that I was committed to but it did not control my life.  As I met other women through blogging, I developed my own one-sided relationship with them and found myself looking forward to reading their posts.  Now, five years later, my reason for blogging is still the same - a means of expressing my thoughts in a creative way, and staying in touch with never-met blog "friends."

7. List seven things you're feeling especially grateful for today. 

I was invited to a small gathering of ladies from my church this morning to discuss the hospitality provided by our church.  We reviewed the many, many things that have been done mostly by one lady, now 84 with a handful of volunteers for more than 15 years.  She needs some relief.  I came away so encouraged and grateful for Christian women who see hospitality being a very important expression of ministry in our church.

Afterward, we had handbell rehearsal.  I am always grateful for music and my being able to participate in this way since I can no longer sing.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The meeting mentioned in the last answer was held in a most lovely home in one of the nicest areas in our city.  She agreed to allow me to photo her home when I resume my blogging series of homes after the first of the year.

From her front porch high atop a ridge, I photoed the two houses across the street.  I found it interesting that one is decorated for Fall and the other making progress toward Christmas.

Now, which are you?  Still enjoying Fall, or getting ready for Christmas?


  1. Oh I so agree with your #4! And as for that Frosty, I don't dare even start. There's some ingredient they put in them that makes them irresistible. :-)

  2. Beautiful homes in that neighborhood. I wonder if any of the neighborhood kids try to ride those horses!!

  3. Those homes are breathtaking! I'm still into Fall right now and will be until Thanksgiving is said and done. I've missed reading your posts, Libby! Enjoy your day!

  4. Oh my goodness, those houses though!!! Took my breath away! Speaking of houses, my home is my haven as well. I love the comfort of it...the respite it provides from the havoc that sometimes reigns outside.

  5. Those horses! My head is slowly wrapping around a Thanksgiving menu, but decorating may be beyond me just now. I never decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but there are a few houses on the lake with lights up already. We need to find ours still : )

  6. Good morning! My house is definitely my haven too....and my goodness, those homes are SOO beautiful! All Christmas over here...though the Deb in days gone by would have had a fit, lol. I love Fall decor and usually had Thanksgiving dinner at my house and not a tiny bit of Christmas went up until the day after. No more dinners at our house started a few years ago, and now we start the Christmas decor early and do it slowly (I have A LOT!) and it works for us.

  7. No Christmas around here until after thanksgiving, it's been a rule for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed seeing the homes and look forward to your home tours after the first of the year.
    lori in Blue Ridge, GA

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    2. Lori, I sent you an email with a link to see the Love Your Home Series that I did earlier in the year that I thought you might enjoy. Use this link which is the last one of the series and earlier links are at the bottom of the post.

  8. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge today, especially your random. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  9. Hi,
    I enjoyed the song. Thank you for sharing.
    I love the photos in your random! Beautiful!!

  10. Well, Libby, where have I been? I had no idea you could no longer sing. That's terrible! I'm still enjoying fall myself and will be for a while longer. I can't think about C'mas until I get Thanksgiving behind me.

  11. I have noticed something, some of us in a certain age group do not do fast food very often. There wasn't a lot of that when we were growing up. I really liked your answers this week. I am still working on Thanksgiving but hope to start Christmas over the weekend. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and God Bless.....


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