Monday, June 29, 2015

What a Difference a Week Makes

 One week ago we were experiencing the elegance of the Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas for our niece's wedding.
Grand from its very inception, with ten different types of marble that were imported from Italy and Spain for flooring and counters.  The hotel even eclipsed the Empire State Building and broke a world record in the amount of limestone used in its construction.

The hotel and the adjoining building holding the famed Crescent Club was built by Dallas Oil Heiress Margaret Hunt some thirty years ago.
 The marble and overall opulence was stunning.
 The Crescent Club where millionaires and billionaires eat on a regular basis, was where the wedding reception was held.  It was truly magnificent.
The centerpieces on the tables were gorgeous.
 And then!!!

Last Friday night, we and our friends, Judy and Tom decided to take a road trip into the boonies.
We had eaten at Longwood Grocery several years ago and knew it was well known for its good down-home food.
We weren't disappointed with the food.  The guys had a ribeye steak covered with a wine mushroom sauce and Judy and I had a Chicken Fried Steak that literally covered the entire plate.
 Nothing even remotely resembling elegance has ever touched this place.
 There are no centerpieces on any of the tables, I can assure you.
But, this shelf containing Pepto and diapers was right by our table in case we had an emergency.
Isn't life good when it is full of variety and no pretentiousness?
Yes, the food was good, plentiful, and the company of friends unparalleled.

I am good with elegance and I am good with down-home.
Yes, variety is the spice of life.
And, life is indeed good!


  1. LOVE it! Nothing like variety to keep life interesting! I am like you, I love it all! lol Enjoy your week!

  2. Well, ain't it the truth, variety is the spice of life and you had your share all in a week's time. I love it all! Gorgeous pictures! How long are you home for now? You have been on the go a bunch lately.

  3. It's nice to enjoy both spectrums - and it looks like you did!


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