Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello Friendships

Many years ago a group of ladies, bound together by a Sunday School teacher who loved each of us unconditionally for who we were, became the "DOVR" - Daughters of Virginia Revels.
Virginia is front center.  Can you find the writer of this blog?
 Twenty years later a group of us got together to honor this special lady and friend.
 This week an even smaller group of us will get together to remember and celebrate lasting friendships.  That will be another blog post.

This past weekend, my two daughters had their own time with special friends and seeing pictures of their happy faces, I realized again what a treasure such friendships are.

With their permission, I want to share my precious girls and their friends with you.

Daughter Christy, has a very special friendship with Malissa and Jennifer perhaps partly because their young daughters are so close.  But these three beautiful ladies have also built a special friendship based on their own common interests and respect for each other.
Christy, Malissa, Jennifer.  The lower right pic was taken from the Advocare skybox at the recent CMA in Dallas.

Christy had a birthday recently and Malissa and Jennifer thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to spoil her a bit this past weekend.  And spoil they did with shopping, spa treatment and pool time at a Dallas resort.
 Having fun with matching outfits at Diane von Furstenberg
Then to cap the weekend, a night together with their husbands at a large fund raiser.
Thank you Jennifer and Malissa for being such great friends to my daughter.

My Daughter-in-Love, Michelle had her own special time this weekend with friends who are some of the sweetest ladies one could want to meet.  I have come to love each of them and so appreciate their love from my Michelle.
Sherri, Michelle, Brenda
Nothing like a day trip into Chicago for good food, shopping and spending a fun day with beautiful, happy, funny, and loving girl friends.
Sherri, Kellie, Brenda, Michelle
A few months ago, Michelle made a trip south from cold Indiana to visit one of her best sister/friends, Dee Dee in New Orleans.  I am so grateful for this kind of lasting friendship for her.
Friendships such as these are rare because they are demanding and costly.

Friendships are Patient
Friendships do not hold Grudges
Friendships are Liberating
Friendships show Respect
Friendships are not Envious and Jealous
Friendships are Forgiving
  I thank my God at every remembrance of you my precious daughters.


  1. Good morning! Good post! And yes, I agree....Great friendships are such a blessing and a gift. I have too have been fortunate in that department. And two of my best friends are also my sisters. Doesn't get much better then that. How wonderful to have TWO daughters! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Oh, my, I was so, so sorry I was unable to attend the reunion of the DOVR. But, I am sure looking forward to our gathering on Friday.

    Love the pics of Christy and her friends in all the matching outfits. So cute!!!

    See you Friday!


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