Monday, March 23, 2015

We Are Getting Ready for a Wedding!

Surely I have mentioned that my oldest granddaughter is getting married this summer.
And just so you will know, the dress saga is still ongoing.

But, that's not the reason for today's post.

This weekend, I traveled to Dallas for Chandler's first bridal shower in the home of one of her best friends and bridesmaid, Caroline.  Invited guests were mostly friends and family of the groom.
As I looked at my beautiful, intelligent and loving granddaughter, I couldn't help remembering what she was like only yesterday.
Now, she will be graduating from A&M and getting married a couple weeks later.
But, this weekend we were only thinking about having fun, meeting new people, and celebrating this precious couple.
Chandler with mom Christy and sisters Emily, Cassidy and Ava Grace
Christy, Chandler and Grandmothers, me and Sandra Harbison

 Is it not evident that this girl had a wonderful time?
 I got the impression, this was a special gift specifically for Brad.
 She loved my gift.
 Her Harbison Grandmother gave something she was very excited about.
 She had a ball and was so grateful for it all.
 All they need now is a place to put it all.
Isn't it strange how our mind works sometime?  You look at something and yet in your minds eye you actually see something else?
This happened for me when I looked at this picture....
 I actually saw this one.
Where have the years gone?
After the shower, I had an opportunity to give them a couple paintings I did for them.
 This was a very crude abstract interpretation of their engagement announcement picture, but they seemed to like it.
Perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts of the day was one given to them by my sister, Gingie.  It is a tray that was given to our mother as a wedding gift back in 1943.
  My sisters and I have treasured it all these years, and now it is time to pass it on.
I think Larla would definitely approve.
 So, congratulations to you Chandler, and I can't wait to celebrate you and Brad again next month.


  1. Now, if that's not a happy post I don't know what is. She is just like a bride to be should be....happy, happy, happy! What a special time!

  2. Oh my goodness...what a fun, happy post! I love bridal showers! She is BEAUTIFUL and looks like she can barely contain her joy. Such a special fun time in life. And now the wedding is just around the corner. Enjoy it all!

  3. Libby, what a happy post; we rejoice with you and Dick! Time does fly; memories remain.

  4. So happy for you. The little girl from across the street has grown up and has a little girl who has grown up.

  5. She is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see her as a bride! So glad you were able to attend her bridal shower. You look pretty awesome too. Hope your find your dress soon.

  6. Look at all those pretty grandgirls you have! Such a fun happy time. We just went to a wedding in TX-two Aggie alums, both engineers so they married on Pi Day : ) Congratulations to your granddaughter and grandson in-law!

  7. What a special time! I love the pictures of your beautiful family. I think Chandler looks a lot like her mom and her Grandma!

  8. First of all, such pretty ladies! What a fun and exciting celebration! Enjoy every's what memories are made of!

  9. Oh, congrats! I loved your walk down memory lane, so much fun! Enjoy the wedding!


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