Friday, May 30, 2014

Out and About with my Sisters

Sister Weekend in New Orleans!

Sarah, Gin and I look forward to enjoying the culture of one of the world's most fascinating cities this weekend. The best part is, its right in our own back yard.  Steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, New Orleans is home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music.
And, we plan to enjoy a bit of all of it.

We look forward to touring the National World War II Museum,
shopping in the French Quarter,
eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde,
 enjoying the sights and sounds around Jackson Square,
feeling the breeze from the Mighty Mississippi River,
just enjoying the peace of our hotel room.
 We will end our trip by traveling up the Old River Road to view plantation homes existing since before the Civil War.

I will share pictures and memories with you next week.

In the meantime just know there will be lots of talking, laughing and loving going on with these Lazenby sisters during the next few days.


  1. Oh what a treat! I don't know what is better. All the wonderful things and places you will be seeing and visiting, or time spent with sisters. Doesn't get much better. ENJOY!

  2. Oh, how fun! I have got to get down there before the summer is over. I can't resist the beignets and the shopping...and of course, a shrimp po'boy! Enjoy this time with your sisters!

  3. Oh,know you three have been having such fun today. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pics.


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