Monday, August 12, 2013

Granddaughter & My Anchor

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Granddaughter's Visit
What delights a grandparent more than to spend time with her grands?
This past week, we had the pleasure of the company of our oldest.

Chandler, an Education Major, will be a Junior at Texas A&M this fall.

She has always been a complete delight to be around, but oh the joy of sharing time with her as a young adult!

We loved watching her veg out while participating in some of the programing during Shark Week.
We shopped till we both dropped and enjoyed eating out some as well as offering her some good home-cooked meals.
Then, Friday afternoon, she indulged me with my camera.

My Anchor
In the last three weeks, we have lost a close friend because of a heart attack, another survived her heart attack, but had to have three stints, and another had triple bypass this past week.  I just learned that the 42 year old son of a close former co-worker died as a result of heart failure.  There are so many hurting people.

Where does one turn 
When sadness crashes like an ocean,
When fear is deeper than the sea,
When we are swallowed by the darkness?

For the believer in Jesus Christ, we turn to the "Anchor for the soul!" (Heb. 6:19)

If there is ever a time when you can't see the light on the other side, and feel all alone, seek The Anchor who is "firm and secure."

I can't seem to get enough of this beautiful song sung by The Tenors.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Libby, your granddaughter is beautiful! I am sure you enjoyed her immensely. I didn't post anything on my blog; but, on June 8th, I suffered a heart attack, as well. I also had to have three stents put in. No family history prior; and I felt great! Everything is fine now; and we just returned from a great vacation. God is an amazing healer!

  2. Your granddaughter is beautiful! LOVE that song! Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh my dear...Is her hair FOR REAL?? I mean, good Lord! I'm experiencing some major hair envy over here in Oklahoma City!! :) What a gorgeous model she makes...and you're quite talented with the camera yourself.

    I'm sorry to hear of so many bad much loss right now. Libby, I don't always understand. Sometimes ALL you can do it pray. And when you're so down you can't even pray, others can stand in the gap for us. Maybe you can stand in the gap for all your hurting friends. Thanks for sharing this message of hope.



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